Our Journey of Progress Continues.

Vision. Dedication. Progress.

RUNOFF Election December 6th!
VOTE to Re-Elect Cedric Williams Forrest City Mayor

Thank you Forrest City for your continued support and your votes!

Our Journey of Progress Continues; there is work to do
and I need your help for this upcoming runoff election.
Let’s get to work!


Dear Citizens of Forrest City,

Over the last three and a half years, Forrest City has made progress.  And we have made that progress together. We have worked on the things most important to you — the things that have been voiced to me as your biggest concerns:

✔️Lowered City Property Tax Millage Rate
✔️Sales and Use Tax Passed
✔️Balanced City Budget
✔️Created Jobs
✔️City Improvements
✔️Community Improvements
✔️Public Safety and Wellbeing
✔️Leadership Through Adversity

Our Journey of Progress Continues in Our Forrest City with your VOTE this November 8th.

Cedric Williams relocated to Forrest City, AR, as a State Farm insurance Agent, in February 2013.  He immediately became actively involved in the community.  He began his first-year term as Mayor, in January 2019. Two years into Williams’ term, the Covid 19 pandemic hit and caused the world to stand still.  Williams’ concern for the well being of the citizens of St. Francis County, led him to collaborate with the Arkansas Department of Health to provide a number of testing sites and vaccination clinics in the city.

During his first time as mayor, Williams has prioritized the advancement of Forrest City.  Some of the advancements include an increase in city wages from $9.50 to 12.50 an hour, all city council meetings are now live streamed, and the city now has an active social media page.  In 2021, The citizens of Forrest City proved they want to move Forrest City forward by voting to continue a .0625%  sales tax to fund a number of infrastructure projects.   The projects include upgrades to the water system, lighting, streetscape, sewer and drainage related improvements, police and fire department projects, library, and park and recreational projects.

Williams grew up in Stephens, a small town in south Arkansas, which has a current population of 746.  He is the only child of the late Artis and Ruby Williams.  Both parents were long-time educators in the Stephens school district.  His father planted the seed of the Greek proverb ”plant trees under who’s shade you do not plan to sit in’, within Williams.  Williams knows that in order for a community to grow,  trees  must be planted.  William believe in order to make a difference, you must make hard and difficult decisions for the betterment of all.

Williams earned a  BSBA in Computer Information System Qualitative from the University of Arkansas  at Fayetteville.  Williams  has been employed with State Farm for over 25 years.  He currently owns a State Farm Insurance Agency in Forrest City.  Williams is a man of faith, a husband of over 24 years, and a father of two beautiful daughters.